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All driving tests in the UK have to be conducted by the Driving Standards Agency. They cannot be conducted by a driving instructor or driving school.


We offer a guaranteed pass??? What a load of rubbish, no one can guarantee a first time pass. If you read the small print most driving schools that offer this have already charged you for a second test and some more lessons. The guaranteed pass simply means you can have some more lessons and a second driving test (which you have already paid for). What happens if I pass first time? Well you have paid for extra lessons and a test you don't need. What happens if I fail a second test? This is where problems can start because you would think the guaranteed pass would get you as many lessons and tests you need to pass. Well just read the small print.

10 lessons for £99 / 4 lesson for £50

Sounds like a good offer? But read the small print. Often you will get some of the 10 lessons at the begining of your driving course and the rest at the end. The terms and conditions often say that if you stop learning to drive with the company you will forfeit the rest of the lessons. Once you have enter into this agreement you maybe at the mercy of the driving instructor and have to take the driving test when they say so, but what happens if you are ready several weeks earlier? Do you change instructors and forfeit the rest of your lessons?




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